POWER RANGERS – Dani’s Review!

I went into Power Rangers not expecting very much.

I’d pretty much written it off in my mind, and had decided that if it gave me a nice nostalgia bomb I was going to be happy with it. After all, any chance to harken back to the days of old where I would run around my back yard wielding palm fronds battling Lord Zed should be taken. This was a terrible mistake, I admit it, I was wrong.

Power Rangers was great.

Power Rangers - Dino-Zord poster

It managed to blend humor and action in ways that made me laugh even as I leaned forward, literally on the edge of my reclining movie chair. The acting was off the chain, and there was genuine character development- in a POWER RANGERS movie!

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POWER RANGERS – Erik’s Review!

I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one, but I have to admit, the all new “Power Rangers” movie is surprisingly good! Is it the best movie of the year? No, not by a long shot, but I never expected to be emotionally invested in the remake of a cheesy 90’s TV show that I haven’t watched since I was a kid.

Back in the day, “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” had a very specific niche, and while the new one is definitely geared towards a younger audience, it also appeals to adults in the same way Marvel and Pixar movies do. It’s kind of like the difference between the new “Star Trek” movies and the original series from the 60’s.


That’s not to say that the new Power Rangers film is without it’s fair amount of cheese, because seriously, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant. Despite the over the top fan service at times, the movie really delivers a (relatively) grounded take on the uh.. “mythos”.

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MAGIC the Gathering: MODERN MASTERS 2017!

Its time again for our Modern Masters Single Elimination Draft tournaments!

This Friday @ 7PM!

Modern Masters 2017

Every time we have 8 people another draft pod will start, so if you’re eliminated you can enter another draft! Draft several times on one night! Each Entry costs $30 and includes 1/2 pack prize support per entry. (in each round winner will receive 3 packs and second place will win 1 pack)

*Event could run past 12AM depending on interest.

Magic the Gathering

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New Releases at the Hive

Hive girl Foo nocircleCheck out all the new titles coming out this week at The Hive!!
(You can also take a look back at the titles that came out in previous weeks.)

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New Releases at the Beach!

SuperheroBeachCheck out all the new titles coming out this week at Superhero Beach!!
(You can also take a look back at the titles that came out in previous weeks.)

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“LOGAN” – Movie Review

“Logan” is the latest installment in the X-Men movie series and (supposedly) Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the Wolverine.

Per usual, Jackman completely delivers as Logan. Patrick Stewart returns as an elderly Professor Xavier in a very different  type of role. And newcomer Dafne Keen steals the show as “Laura” (X-23), a young girl that Logan must protect from a group of anti-mutant mercenaries known as The Reavers.

Logan - international poster (Wolverine and Laura)Although the story is inspired by the Mark Millar’s “Old Man Logan”, this movie takes the dark and disturbing tone of that tale, and goes in a completely different direction with it. Whereas “The Wolverine” felt like a samurai movie, “Logan” is a post-apocalyptic western.

Director James Mangold (“The Wolverine”) returns – this time however, with the R rating, he’s finally able to show a gritty and unleashed Wolverine going berserk on some faceless goons. As much as I love the last one (“The Wolverine” – the one where he’s in Japan, not to be confused with “X-Men: Origins”) this movie proves that Wolverine movies should’ve been rated R from the get go.

It’s really good, but it does leave you with some questions…

LOGAN poster


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PREVIEWS – March 2017

We here at the Super Hero HQ take a sneak peek at what’s in store this May!




Marvel’s latest event will shake the Marvel universe to its core. Due to the Red Skull’s tampering of the timeline, Steve Rogers (Captain America himself) is now a undercover Hydra agent! It’s all part of a plan to topple the United States from within…

STAR TREK – TNG: Mirror Broken –IDW

TNG - Mirror Broken

The Mirror Universe returns with an unexplored era: The Next Generation! It’s something that fans have often speculated about: What were the ‘evil’ alternate versions of Picard and his crew up to during the final days of the Terran Empire’s reign? Find out here…

OLD MAN LOGAN: Past Lives (Issues #21-24)Marvel

Old Man Logan - Past Lives

Jeff Lemire’s final story arc on the title has Logan revisiting crucial moments from his past, from the 1800’s to the Weapon X program, to his first appearance in Incredible Hulk, to his time as the Wolverine with the X-Men and finally his post-apocalyptic future from an erased timeline…

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DC Comics through the Ages (Part 2)

Last time, in Part One, we took a look at the Golden Age versions of Batman and Superman, and the Silver Age versions of Green Lantern and Flash. This time, we’re taking a look at other major DC characters who have changed drastically since their inception…

DC Rebirth


Wonder Woman - David Finch New 52Wonder Woman is considered the first major super heroine in comics history and is still one of the greatest of all time. Diana is an Amazonian Princess, the daughter of Hippolyta and an ambassador from Themyscira to “man’s world”. Over the years, her look has evolved quite a bit, but she’s always retained her status as an icon of female empowerment.

She was first created by William Moulton Marston and his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston in 1941, first debuting in DC’s All Star Comics #8 and later featured in Sensation Comics. Her first appearance was as a secretary for the Justice Society, but she’s come a long way since.

Wonder Woman - First Appearances

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The Uncanny Short Box!

The Short Box Podcast

“Designed to Hit it & Quit it”
Feb 12, 2017
Badr’s sound effects machine is put to the test as Cesar and Ed struggle to keep the show on course. The boys are left to themselves to talk about everything from new trailers to comic book child support in this one.

“Nerd In The Know”
Feb 02, 2017
There’s a new column in the FL Times Union that highlights all things geek and nerd here in Northeast Florida, and we’ve got the woman in charge to talk about it. Tiffanie Reynolds stops by to talk about journalism and the Jax nerd community.

Jan 22, 2017
It’s our 2017 homecoming episode. Ashley and Ed are back to unite the almost full crew. Everyone shares a pop-culture article and piece of news while Ed shares the truth serum, and we uncover more dark secrets from Ashley’s past.

Short Box crew

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PREVIEWS – February 2017

We here at the Super Hero HQ take a sneak peek at what’s in store this April!


Batman / The Flash: “The Button” – DC

DC Batman / Flash - The Button

The mystery that started in Rebirth continues here! Geoff Johns’s Watchmen crossover begins with Batman #21.

Batman - Watchmen clue (Rebirth)

ALIENS: Dead Orbit – Darkhorse

ALIENS - Dead Orbit

Writer / artist, James Stokoe, delves into the Alien mythos with a story reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s original. A lone engineer must survive a Xenomorph attack, while stranded on a crumbling space station…

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